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Erin Condren Flatlay
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Hey planner friends! Wow, just one month until classes begin…wut. This summer just FLEW by! Although, to be totally honest, I am ready for classes to begin. My plan is to finish these next two semesters, graduate with my 2-year RN, pass my boards, then move back to my home town! I have missed all of my friends and family back home after being gone for what will be FIVE WHOLE YEARS!! My family lives roughly within a 30-mile radius of each other, so living even a measly 2 hours away is difficult!

Alright! So, I scoured Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube on ways to turn an Erin Condren Teacher Planner into an academic college planner…but I did not have much luck. BUT lucky for you, I am doing it anyway! And I will share with you all how I did it!

My NEW Erin Condren teacher lesson planner alongside a NEW notepad and the NEW Fine tip wet erase markers

I did my research before buying. I compared the new Erin Condren COILED academic planner (While supplies last, they are sending a freebie with each academic planner sold!!) with the new Erin Condren teacher planner and found that the structure (and size! Did you know it’s an 8.5″ X 11″?!) and layout just really hit home for me. Though it is meant for a teacher, I knew I would be able to adapt the pages to my liking!

Before the Hacking

Here are a few pictures of the inside before I hacked it — Okay…quite a few!

Inside Cover

I. Love. It. I figured out what I wanted to do with each page before buying. I don’t have a dual purpose for each page and layout, but I will use most of the planner!

First off, I used the post card I got with my order to cover up the “Teacher Planner” heading. Oh! I used this super cute paper tape from Erin Condren to tape down the post card!

Inside the front cover

I did not hack the contact pages, so I’m not going to show a picture! Next up, we have the communication log. My idea for these pages (just the 2 pages are included!) is to use it as a page to keep track of when/if I need to talk to my instructors. I didn’t write on or update this spread at all, so keep an eye out for a sneak in future posts once classes have started!

2018-19 Year in Review

Okey dokey, now we get to the 2018-2019 year in review spread. I got this idea from watching JenPlans on YouTube! The transparent dots are from Erin Condren, and I used Erin Condren’s dual-tip markers to write! The concept is simple, each color of dots represents a different event! This way I can easily see, like, “Oh! No school Monday. Sweet!”

Monthly Boxes

Okay, so the next spread is the monthly boxes. I am not entirely sure what I will use them for, but I dated them July-December 2018 and January-June 2019. I’m thinking I will toss in the important dates for exams, projects, and papers due each month! The stickers I used are from the Fox and Pip and Lillie Henry.

Notes Pages

Who loves the notes pages?? Okay, honestly, I never use them because I just don’t know what to do! But I searched Instagram high and low for some ideas, and here are two that I found! The first is my class schedule for the fall 2018 semester. I will fill in the bottom half with my spring semester schedule once I get it. Across the top, I used the new paper tape from Erin Condren, and across the middle I’ve used a super cute lilac washi tape with silver bows from Simply Gilded. I have outlined the boxes with my new favorite highlighters! They are Mildliners and I found them at Target, but you can find them on Amazon, too! They are truly a dream. The colors are more of a pastel and each marker is dual-ended!

The other page contains my daily routines that I am going to attempt to stick to! The washi tape down the middle is also from Simply Gilded (linked above). The stickers are from the Fox and Pip (linked above and are the blonde girls! Super cute and detailed) and Planner Kate (check list stickers).

I should also mention! There are two spreads of graph paper notes pages and one spread of lines pages before the first month starts!

Before the Month

Alright, on to the meat of the planner! Since the semester has not started yet, the months aren’t really filled in. I made a mock-up of the “before-the-month” spread before July. I will create an assignment log before each month so I have an easy way of keeping track! (I have another tracker in the back too…I shall not forget an assignment!) The sticky notes are from Erin Condren!

Before the Month

Oh hey, between each month there is a spread of two lined notes pages! Love it!

Monthly View

Let’s flip over to the monthly view. I love how big the boxes are with the 8.5 X 11″ size! Also, loving the mini calendar on the bottom right corner to see what the next month looks like! Of course there isn’t much filled in yet, but in the coming months there definitely will be! Yikes. (Oh look! Peep the sticky notes I just linked above!!) The stickers seen are from the back of the planner! They are all SUPER cute.

Weekly View

Ahhh, the weekly view. THIS is what sold me on the planner! It’s like the vertical and horizontal planner combined! The days of the week (only Monday-Friday) are horizontal across the page, and there are 6 blank columns running vertical! I am loving this layout because I can split up my classes into each column. I mean, GENIUS. Hello. I have not filled in a weekly page yet, well, because the semester hasn’t started yet.

I decided to try out a couple new accessories from Erin Condren as well, and you can see them in these photos! I grabbed a dashboard, fine tip wet-erase markers, and tabbed sticky notes. Seriously, in love with all of these things!


Lastly, the student checklist pages. These are supposed to be for checking kids off for assignments and whatnot, but I had the idea to turn it into a master syllabus. There are 7 spreads of them (so 14 pages!). On the lefthand side, I will write assignments down. Across the top, I have written the dates (Monday-Friday to save space!) from the first day of classes in August through the last day of classes in May. I am so excited to get my syllabi and fill this in!!

The stickers are from Lillie Henry (top knot pink book, site linked above), Planner Kate (pink pencils, linked above), and from the back of the planner (notebook paper sticker)!

Another accessory…

I also purchased this customizable planning notepad from Erin Condren. You can change the categories and the header! I chose 5 categories that will stand out when hanging on the fridge and the header is just the week that I’m on!

Planning notepad

Here’s everything all put together!! And here are a couple more links to thinks peeking out in the background (:

Cute paisley print sherpa throw, extra long size (worth the extra couple bucks, I’m 5’7″!)

The North Face backpack

Let me know how you are planning to plan for your college classes! Be sure to follow me on Insta for updates throughout the semester!

XOXO Lexie

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