Erin Condren Recipe Box Review

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Hey guys! I just received the new Erin Condren recipe box 😀

Opened up my mailbox today to these beauties

Two Erin Condren boxes came today!
Love these colors of the Erin Condren boxes!

Now, for the unboxing!

So colorful and bright! I did not expect the recipe box to be so big, so you really get bang for your buck with this deal! (Considering how expensive the acrylic boxes alone are on the site!)  Grab your recipe box bundle here!

Side bar, here is the gorgeous Erin Condren Dot-Grid Notebook I got!  I love the Toile-Y’all design!  Grab your own here!


Alright, here is a close up of the front and back of the recipe cards!  I love the metallic touches.  There is a mix of gold, silver, and rose gold metallics!  You can find my post (that was shared on the Erin Condren website!!) on Instagram!

Packaged recipe cards and dividers
Fronts and backs of the cards and dividers that I posted on Instagram!

So far, I absolutely love this product!  The only problem is that you receive just 20 recipe cards, so I had to place something behind the recipe cards in the box so they would stand upright as there is so much extra room in the box. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wish there had been an option to choose a larger pack of recipe cards!

Here is a comparison of the box when held in my hand

Recipe box compared to my hand
Here is a comparison of the recipe box to my hand!

As you can see, there is A LOT of room left in the box!  Meaning, a ton of room for more recipes!

This recipe box is the perfect addition to my new apartment!  I am so excited to fill it with my favorite recipes over the following years (:

Thank you, Erin for creating a beautiful new creation for everyone to love!

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Stay wonderful!


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