Young, Broke, and I’m MOVING!

Ah yes, I am moving for the fourth time in 3 years — Yikes!  I’m going to share my moving tips with you as I go through the process…again.

I. Move. TOMORROW (11/22).  I am literally so excited to get out of the old place (not just because it’s a total dive, but it’s quite a safety risk.)  A friend of mine has recruited a few people to help move my bed over to the new place so I can officially LIVE there!  How wonderful!  Did I mention this new place is actually 90 seconds from work? Amazing!  I can hardly contain my excitement! (My coworkers know JUST how excited I am…hehe)

I am nearing end of the packing process.  I hate packing because what if I need something I’ve packed away a few days before moving?  Where do I put all the boxes? Sure, I have a garage, but it is the size of my car and the boxes are far too heavy for my weak body to carry!  I live on the third floor people!  I have better luck getting all my groceries up the steps in one trip.

Tip #1: Set Goals


Alright, take a moment to sit down and answer these questions.

Dates and Fees

When is my official move-out date and final walk-through of this apartment?

When is my official move-in date of my new apartment?

How much do I owe to my new apartment upon signing my lease?

**Obtain a cleaning list from your landlord or create one yourself of what needs to be cleaned prior to the final walk-through.


Now, let’s set some goals!  Fill in the blank:

I want the kitchen packed up by ____/____

I want the living room packed up by ____/____

I want the bedroom(s) packed up by ____/____

I want the bathroom(s) packed up by ____/____

Continue this process until you’ve run out of rooms!  My little apartment only had these four areas (: I lucked out!

Tip #2: Recruit some Friends and Gather Supplies!

I hired a friend and her daughter to help me pack.  She has moved more than ten times in the last 20 years and she offered her services!  With their help, we had the place packed up in just over two hours.  I had no idea packing didn’t take days!  She helped me implement new strategies into the packing and moving process like using boxes!  That’s right, I have never used but one or two cardboard boxes to move before.  I always used laundry baskets and tote bags because why not?  Apparently that’s not how you pack.

You’ll need some supplies before you start packing.


These are easy. They are for sale at home improvement stores and even Target, order them through Amazon, or sneak into the grocery store bright and early to snag their boxes after they’ve put away the inventory (my favorite and it’s FREE)!

Tape and Sharpies

Alright, the best tape roller gadgets I have linked here.  They keep the tape from sticking and scissors to cut are eliminated!  I worked with a shipping company for a few years and I found this to be the best invention when it came to sealing boxes all day!  What a breeze.

Sharpies are a must to mark each box with 1. What is in the box and 2. In which room the box belongs.  Trust me, when you’ve got people helping you move, it’s one less step if they can sort the boxes into the rooms you’d like them in!


Be sure to get ahold of your friends ahead of time!  Send a text with a time, date, and place to meet.  Be sure to send a message a few days before the “big day o’ packing” to make sure they didn’t forget.

Lastly on this topic, please come up with a thank you to your helpers!  It does not need to be of monetary value, but something to let them know you are thankful.

Tip #3: Your Personal Bag and Care Package

This one is important.

Personal Bag

Alright, so you want to pack up before you move, correct?  Then, I might suggest packing a bag!  I packed a bag of clothes for a week, makeup, and toiletries.  I intended to have my apartment packed up a few days ahead of time, but I also worked the whole weekend I moved!  I had to be prepared, and luckily, scrubs are easy to pick out when I only get to wear one color (:  Be sure each person in the family gets their own personal bag.  And don’t forget about your furry friends (:

Photo by STIL on Unsplash. Packed suitcase for moving
Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Care Package

Alright, so what I mean by this is packing a box or bag of stuff to move with you (in addition to your personal bag) once you’ve signed your lease and have your new keys!  A few suggestions include toilet paper, medications, hand soap, large and small towel, shampoo/conditioner, shower curtain, and Lysol wipes.  It’s easy to forget the things you use mindlessly each day! You will also bring your personal bag the day you move in if you plan to stay there once signing the lease (like me!).

Side bar — If you have a pet (or pets) pack them with, too!  Don’t forget any food or their dishes.


Tip #4: Moving in!!

I moved into this cute little apartment one year ago.  It is the first place I have paid my own rent and I feel so independent (even though my bank account is crying)!  Being out on your own is liberating, however terrifying.  I am always calling my parents for answers to my endless “adulting” questions.

Living Room
The old place!

Now I have moved on to better things, such as a newer and safer place to live.  This place includes an elevator (whaaaat) and my apartment happens to be right off the stairs (sweeeet).

Living Room - New
The new place!

Have helpers!!

Like I said with packing boxes, you also need help when moving in!  I have a wonderful family who always pitches in when moving day rolls around.  I also have wonderful friends and coworkers who were able to help me move a few boxes and my mattress a few days early so I could sleep in my bed!

Again, please come up with a thank-you for your helpers whether you’ve hired movers, friends, and/or family.  It is always appreciated.

One Box at a Time

It’s easy to become so overwhelmed when moving.  I am currently overwhelmed when I step in the door and see several boxes needing to be unpacked!  My tip is to just take it one box at a time, making a list of things you’ll need to purchase as you go.

Tip #5: Post Move-In

Forward your address

Head on over to your local post office to forward your address.  This is something I was not aware of until this last move! (whoopsies).  It is just a simple form to fill out, but be sure to know your new address!


Take it out daily to help your stress level!  You’ll have a lot of it.

Make it a Home

My favorite part about moving is settling and “nesting.”  The first room I have put together is the living room because it’s where I spend the most time.  The rest of my apartment is a disaster!  But, I don’t have time to reorganize until this semester is done. School before anything else, you know!

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. . . . . . . . . . .

Now, tell me your moving tips!  I’ll be moving in the next two years after graduating from school, let me know something that works for you!  I hope you enjoyed my moving hacks.

Stay Beautiful,


24 thoughts on “Young, Broke, and I’m MOVING!

  1. Great tips. I learned the hard way to pack a shower curtain, rings, and toilet paper. Towels went in a suitcase so they didn’t end up on the truck!

    Also, the move will cost more than you think. Gas and eating out add up.

    Love that you took care of your friends. They will probably help with the next move!

    1. College is the time of many moves I guess! It has been hectic, but I think I am finally in a nice, safe place for the next few years. Finally! (:

  2. Having friends and family to help and really making your new space a home are so important! Love this!

    1. For sure! I don’t know what I would do if I had to move all by myself…that is a nightmare I don’t want to have! Thank you for checking out my site (:

  3. Hope your move went well! My husband and I have moved 5 times in the past 6 years, and two of those were from NC to TX and then back to NC from TX! These are great tips that will definitely help anymore.

  4. These are excellent tips! My husband and I have moved like every single year since we met so we have to have our moving process down haha.

  5. These are great tips! Packing can be SO stressful but it sounds like you’ve got a pretty good handle on it now! That persona bag is a lifesaver!

    1. I truly am loving this place more and more every day! I have yet to get everything put away, but hey, that takes time!

  6. My biggest thing is definitely making sure you pack cups, or at least go out and buy a pack of water bottles! Moving heavy furniture around, even if you’re not taking it off the truck yourself, is hard work and you’re definitely going to be thirsty afterwards! I learned that the hard way!

    Logan |

    1. Oh yes! Moving is hard work, and yes we did realize we didn’t have any water around!! Thank you for the tip, Logan (:

  7. Congrats on your move! These are all such great and helpful moving tips! Hopefully you’ll be settled for a bit in your new place and won’t have to put your moving skills back to work!

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